Our Work

We expand the range of possibilities for artists to engage communities.

In our work, we depend on facilitated processes in which host organizations, communities, and commissioning entities select the artists with whom they want to work, and are valued collaborators throughout the process. Our educational programs and advocacy for public art and civic design issues build interest and appetite for public art in the region, while public art training for artists builds our region’s capacity to do the work.

Our work includes:

Artist Residencies

Our Artist Residencies in the Public Realm are grounded in civic practice, where artists and community members co-create projects intended to serve the community’s self-defined needs.

Civic Engagement

Our Civic Engagement projects focus on a social need or cultural issue that grows from close collaboration with one or more communities that have been historically marginalized and underrepresented in civic processes.

Client Projects

Through Client Projects, we provide a broad range of public art consulting and planning services for clients in the public and private sector.

Public Programming

Our Public Programming highlights opportunities for artists and the general public to learn about the history of public art, the public art process, and those active in the making of contemporary public art.